Goliath 6.26


Goliath 6.26

CrossFit Goliath – CrossFit

Shoulder Press (5×5)

5 x 40%

5 x 50%

5 x 50%

5 x 60%

* Today we are doing strict press from the FLOOR. It’s super light and it will give you a little extra work 🙂

*ALSO, in between each set you will do 1min. of max russian twists with a 45/30lb DB.

Lucifer (Time)

20min. to finish…


Devil Press 45/30s

200m Run
Super interested to see some times on this! Can you finish?! I’ve programmed this a few times in the daily d and seen some crazy times!

Extra Credit

3 Sets:

1min. on / 1min. off weighted planks

(use 45/25lbs or more)