Goliath 2.8.21


Goliath 2.8.21

CrossFit Goliath – CrossFit

Box Squat (1×1)

DO NOT BAIL IF YOU GET STUCK- you should have 1-2 people squatting with or near you that can assist you in getting up off of the box to rack the weight.

Box Squat:

We are working up to a 1RM. Yes we missed these last week, I counted the weeks until the open incorrectly, so we ended up going a week less. You will have 20-25 min to find your 1RM. Lets gooo!

It also appears one of the ladies bars has become permanently bent, which typically only occurs from dropping it with weights on…with something between the sleeves…so..again…do not bail onto your box, or bench…ask for help

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


10 Dips

15/10 Cal Row

10 Handstand Push Ups
Goal is for 4+ rounds

Score = Rounds and Reps