Goliath 12.28


Goliath 12.28

CrossFit Goliath – CrossFit

Clean and Jerk (10×1)

Find a buddy, share a bar, and work up to a heavy single for the day. This partner will be the partner you have for the workout. Try not to do more than 10 working sets.

You’ll have about 20 minutes

White Knuckler (Time)

Teams of 2

54 Pull-ups

10 Clean + Jerk @ 80%

Cap- 10 min

Goal- Sub 7

Partner 1 must complete 54 pull ups, and 10 C+J before Partner 2 can go
Use the C&J max for the day as the number you’re taking 85% of

This is an all out sprint, you will likely go to failure, or close to, on the pull ups..