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Functional Fitness in Raleigh

Functional Fitness has become hugely popular, and you have plenty of choices, but at CrossFit Goliath we offer you the best Functional Fitness program in Raleigh. We combine a welcoming community atmosphere with well-planned and expertly coached Functional Fitness workouts, great for beginners and competitive athletes alike.

Why CrossFit Goliath

CrossFit Goliath is your home away from home, except we’re a gym. Our community is welcoming and is one of support and camaraderie. Whether you are an elite athlete or simply wanting to be healthier and feel better, we provide the level of training that will help you achieve your goals in a fun, supportive environment.

Your training and goals are why you’re here, and that’s the most important thing to us. Quality of coaching and training is something near and dear to our hearts. Our pledge to you is to keep our classes small enough and to provide a variety of class time options to ensure you are provided the absolute best training environment possible. In addition to managing class sizes we maintain a high instructor to athlete ratio to ensure you’re getting the personalized experience a Functional Fitness class should deliver. It’s Functional Fitness, not a globo gym aerobics class.


CrossFit Goliath is the home of fitness for anyone. Our clients come young and old, in and out of shape. Our members are from Raleigh, Knightdale, Wake Forest, Rolesville, and Youngsville. Anyone and everyone can do Functional Fitness. It is for you, your neighbor, your parents, your grandparents, and your children. From young adults to the elderly, Functional Fitness is built with the individual in mind.

Each workout is tailored to your specific needs so that you can become healthier. In a class, you are likely to find anyone between the ages of 16 and 70, all following a specific program built for their individual needs.


Do you have a competitive streak? We, along with many of our members, take part in numerous amateur and intermediate competitions every year. Not so competitive? Join everyone else and come cheer for your fellow athletes.

We also offer additional programming and training times for athletes who would like to compete in Functional Fitness competitions around the area, and we always rally our community to support our competitors.



We’ve heard so many times that “I need to get in shape before I start Functional Fitness.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. Functional Fitness workouts are designed so you can begin in our classes in order to get in shape or lose weight.

We start you slowly so you can begin at CrossFit Goliath no matter what kind of shape you are in. The internet is full of success stories of people who have changed their entire lives through Functional Fitness. It’s never too late to begin. Start the journey to better health today.


Functional Fitness is safe for everyone because it is exercise using the basic movements your body was designed to use in everyday life. Any human needs to have the ability to pick up an object, carry an object, set down an object, and be safe doing it. Functional Fitness is built upon these basic movements.

Our coaches at CrossFit Goliath are some of the best trained and experienced coaches in the Raleigh area and are knowledgeable about you and your physical ability. We are going to help you find your limits and push them while maintaining good form and movement. This combination develops fitness in a way that is hard to match.


Functional Fitness workouts use your bodyweight and many other pieces of equipment. Each class consists of a warm up, instruction of the day’s movements, a workout, and a cool down. Workouts may consist of running, jumping, barbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, C2 rowing machines and many other fun and unique pieces of equipment.

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